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District Camp 2015District Camp 2015

Photographs above taken by Mick Barber

Photographs above taken by Michael Dale 

District Camp 2015

19th June - 21st June 2015

We arrived on the Friday evening to a warm but overcast day. The Scouts travelled up on coaches with Michele, Nicola and Kieran while Mick, Michael and Mathew travelled up ahead to start getting the tents up.
We spent the rest of the evening setting up the site and making sure that everything was working as it should be. We tried our new generator out for the first time, with the string of lights and it worked a treat. Gone are the days of struggling to do everything under the light of a tilly lamp.
Saturday morning and after breakfast and flagbreak, we started with the activities. While Michael wandered with his camera, Mick and Michele took their group of Scouts and did Spaghetti and Marshmallow Pioneering - build a tower as high as you can using nothing but Marshmallows and Spaghetti and see if it will hold a tennis ball for 20 seconds. Pioneering Stilt Walk - build an A-frame, and race the other team across a set distance. Firelighting - pretty self explanatory and a Team Building exercise that saw the Scouts cross the river transporting a man, a fox, a chicken and some corn without any harm coming to any of them.

Saturday afternoon saw us heading off site, while the other groups took part in a wide game. We were heading out to visit the grave of Colonel Ritson, who is buried not far from where we were staying. We thought this would be an excellent opportunity to head up there. On returning it was time to get our game faces on and complete the raft race. The Scouts had to build their own raft and complete a time trial across a length of the river, against all the other Groups at camp. Although we didnt win, we had what I consider to be the sturdiest and most balanced raft in the District, which did exactly what it was built to do - just not quickly enough!! After some time messing about in the river, it was time to warm up and have tea.

Saturday evening was the obligatory District Games and Campfire, although we had a couple of miserable faces at the thought of taking part, great fun was had by all.

Sunday morning and it was time to take part in the District Duke of Wellington competition. Their task - build a fire and cook a stew, in a baked bean tin. A tin, 1 potato, 1 carrot, an onion and 2 matches was all they had to complete the task. The competition looks at teamwork and completion of the task and any ingenuity applied. Unfortunately we didn't win, even though they cooked an excellent stew.

The weather wasn't kind to us, the morning was interspersed with heavy showers and bright sunshine, meaning the tents had to be put up at the HQ when we got back, as they were all pretty wet.

A great time was had by all and all of the Leaders would like to say a big Thank You to the Scouts who attended, as their behaviour and attitude at the camp was excellent with no late nights or early mornings - which is more than can be said for some of the other groups!!




























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