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Philip Rose

Philip is the Group's current Cub Leader.

My journey started by a fortuitous accident really.

While in Ventures, I came to the hut one Wednesday evening for the usual meeting.  Having arrived early, the Cub meeting was still going on.

Shaun Robson was the Assistant at the time and Cynthia Schofield was Akela.  Cynthia hadn’t arrived for some reason, so I gave Shaun a hand (and quite enjoyed it). I never thought anything more about it and happily carried on with Venture Scouting

Soon it was getting time for me to leave Ventures and go my merry way.  What to do after all that Scouting. It never entered my head to become a Leader, until one night when Cynthia gave me a call.

She told me Shaun was leaving (to go to Uni?) and would I like to become a Leader (Shaun’s recommendation).

And that, as they say, is History.

In May 1982 I got my Warrant and officially became an Assistant Cub Scout Leader with the 3rd. Mike Pearson was Akela by this time and Sharon Davidson (Nee Donnelly) was also an ACSL.  Mike eventually became District Commissioner and Helen King transferred from the 4th when their St. Andrews pack closed (they had two packs, Hildrew & St. Andrews) to become Akela.

In November 1985 I met Sandra Hill (from the 1st) and 4 yrs later on the 28th of August 1989 we got married.

Helen married Dudley Rogers, Sharon married Michael Davidson (a leader from the 5th, they eventually moved to Germany).  Michael Davidson was ADC Cubs before he moved.

In 1990, Mike Pearson asked me & Sandra if we would like to run a pack in Wallsend. 

So began our journey with the 14th Tynemouth.  During this time several things happened.

Dud & Helen divorced, Val Youles came into the District and our Group.

Sandra died on the 19 Jan 1997. The 14th closed in April 2000 due to lack of numbers and losing their HQ and I met Joanne Riley.

When the 14th closed, I returned to the 3rd (about May 2000) as Akela and it felt good to be back.

During the Summer Holidays I got married again (12.8.00 – the glorious twelfth).

April 2003 saw the birth of my son Marcus so I decided to take a step back and have some time out with my wife & family (I still had some dealings with the pack).  March 2005 saw the birth of my daughter Arwen. 

I had, by this time, started to attend pack meetings again (although not regularly). However, when Arwen was a few months old I started to attended regularly again as ACSL (we thought we had this child thing licked!!!). Val had taken over as Akela when I stepped back.

During my ‘time out’ period, I was asked by the then ADC Cubs if I would like to be District Cub Scout Leader, as well as being ACSL with the Group. I accepted the role and along with Jean Hall, have been helping the ADC Cubs run the Cub Section in the District, organising competitions, camps and other District events.

Currently, I am still ACSL & DCSL and again in my role of DCSL am running the Cub Section, along with Jean, as at present we do not have an ADC Cubs.

And that’s it so far (I think)

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