3rd Tynemouth

(Ritsons Own) Scout Group

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Personal Memories

The history of the Group was first written by George Pilgrim for a newspaper article while he was the Group Scout Leader and was quite a factual account.

It was not done again until Michael and Nicola Dale started to take a serious look at it for the Group's 90th anniversary in 2005.

Part of their research involved talking to past members of the Groupand asking them to share their personal memories of their time with the 3rd Tynemouth.

These memories have been added to the ever growing booklet about the Group's history - The story so far.

Some of those memories are shared below. Please bear in mind though, these are people's personal memories which unfortunately do fade with time. For that reason you may find different accounts of the same event.

They are not intended to confuse, they are simply to share and hopefully entertain or hopefully jog your own memory of events you went to.

If you would like to add your own memories to the collection we would love to hear from you. Please click the link to the right to contact Michael about it.

1930's - 1950's

Lesley Greenacre

Gordon Armstrong

Walter Arkley

Fred Beaumont

Barney Carr

Bob Robson

1960's - 1980's

Dave Kay

John Nichol

Philip Rose

Michael Dale

1990's - Present




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If you have any photographs or information that might add to the  history, please contact Michael so it can be added by clicking Here

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