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Centenary Camp

Sunday 26th to Friday 31st of July 2015

One of the main events of the year for the current members is a camp at the Opal Coast Adventure site which is in the town of Ardres in Northern France, near Calais.

Each day we will be doing a number of activities which include things like canoeing, paddle boarding, raft building and fencing.

A full list of the activities as well as a sample menu and loads more information about the site can be found on Acorn Adventure's website linked at the bottom of this page.

Battlefield Tour

The reason for choosing a camp site in France rather than a UK site is so we can mark both our centenary, and the centenary of the First World War, by visiting the war grave of one of our founding leaders, Fredrick Greenacre, in the British Military Cemetary at Savy.

On one of the days in France we will be getting a tour of the battlefield where he was taken prisoner and learning about the events leading up to that, followed by a visit to his war grave and then rounding off the day by taking part in the Last Post ceremony at the Menin gate.

Who can go

We are pleased to announce that this has now been change to a family camp. Further details will follow soon.

We will be running a camp bank so next year people will be able to pay a small amount each month and we will be doing fundraising to reduce the cost to families as much as possible (but we will need your support when the time comes to do these things).

If anyone has any ideas for fundraising please let one of the leaders know.

Members will be kept up to date by letters sent out from the weekly meetings so please watch for them. If parents have any questions about the camp please speak to any of the leaders.


Opal Coast

British Military Cemetary - Savy

Menin Gate


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