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Formed on the 17th May 1915 by George Greenacre of Chirton. Registered as the 1st Chirton (St. Luke's) on the 25th November 1915. The patronage of the colliery caused the name to become Preston Colliery Scouts and then "Ritson's Own" in honour of Colonel Ritson the then owner of the colliery.

                See the Group History for an in depth story

Famous ex-scouts from our group:

Adrian John Nichol - Flight Lieutenant, XV Squadron. Shot down and captured by Iraq during the Gulf War. Now an established author of a number of best selling books. Check out his website at www.johnnichol.com


Ritsons Centenary Project

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Simply register with the site Easy Fundaraising, go to any of the retailers listed to make your purchases and the group gets a percentage back. Most major retailers can be found on the site.

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